Business Start-ups

We here encourage startups and make sure they have the proper guidance of professionals. We are one of the best business consultants in town. Data analysis for trends and looking for the areas of greater opportunity is what we do best for our client’s start-up. Accouny is a business accountant firm and is known for its business consultancy services.



Business Consultant

While starting a business, developing a strong business plan plays a very important role. Most people have unique ideas, but the sole reason for their failure does not have a proper plan to execute the ideas. All they need is to visit a  good business accountant. Our professional business accountant will be here at your service. Let's have a look at how we do it.

  • The first step is to analyze the business plan or idea. Looking at all the aspects, such as financial ones, is one of the most important steps.
  • After the plan or idea is decided, next comes the financing. Looking at the financing options available to entrepreneurs, such as government programs for start-ups in your region, has its own importance. Our professional advisors are available here to help you identify the most suitable financial plan which will fuel your growth. Our team will be of full support from choosing a financial plan to connecting you with investors.
  • Then we help you conduct a review of research and development incentives along with tax implications so you have a complete idea of the after-tax cost of performing research and development.
  • To develop a sustainable model for your business, you need to think about the future today. Our professional team helps in identifying strategic initiatives that will support your business. Developing the right strategy for the business and helping you execute and monitor it is our main goal.

Management of corporate taxes in a business can be difficult. Alongside developing your business, our professional team can also manage your taxes and develop strategies to minimize them and maximize capital gains and income.